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The Gathering 1999
The Gathering

Bring together ten of the closest online friends, all fellow fans of Centropolis Entertainment and the Sci-Fi genre, to a picturesque location in the southern Carolinas, and what do you get? A week long euphoria filled with laughs, tears, hugs, and fond memories for all.

The premise was a set visit on The Patriot  in South Carolina. The guests were treated royally as they were chaufferred by cheerful drivers to the location of General Cornwallis' fort. Once there, they were introduced to many of the fine actors and actresses, as well as crewmen who were all busily working that Saturday afternoon filming. The Holics, as they are affectionately referred to, were told the story of The Patriot , and were given sneak peaks to the filming going on inside thanks to the monitors positioned outside for them.

The highlight of the visit, of course, was meeting their longtime friend and producer that made this whole event possible, Dean Devlin, who shyly made his way to meet his "fans" and to meet each of them individually. After posing for some photos, and chatting for awhile, Dean had to get back to work. The Holics were all surprised later however when Roland made his way down to meet everyone as well. Again, introductions were exchanged and photos taken, much to the Holics' delight.

Another highlight of the visit, and one that will go down in THIS particular Holic's memories for a long long time to come was meeting with actor Leon Rippy, who had portrayed the character Agent LaRue in one of the Holics' favorite Centropolis production, The Visitor . Leon had taken time out of his schedule to come down on his day off to meet us all, and sat down spending time with us, discussing The Visitor . Tears were shared as he spoke to us of recieving the news of its demise, and you could tell that everyone present had felt very passionate about the tv series. Leon's warm personality is inspiring and his kindness will certainly be remembered!!

The Holics concluded their set visit by being taken on a driven tour of the other sets in the area, including historic Brattonsville, which posed as Charlotte's plantation in the movie, as well as what had been Anne Howard's village before it was due to be burned down for the scene of the burning of the church.

written by Sher