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10,000 BC

10,000 BC  is Roland Emmerich's latest movie as a director. As the title indicates the film is set in the year 10,000 before christ, and is about the adventures of a mammoth hunter of a pre-historic tribe.

Emmerich wrote the film's story together with his friend Tiny IMDb logo Harald Kloser, the composer of The Day After Tomorrow . Based on their story, Tiny IMDb logo John Orloff and Tiny IMDb logo Matthew Sand have worked on revisions of the script, and Tiny IMDb logo Robert Rodat (who wrote Emmerich's The Patriot  before) wrote the final version. Harald Kloser composed the music and executive produced the film.

The project was initially to be financed by Sony Pictures but moved to Warner Bros. later.

According to a press release from Warner, principal photography started May 9, 2006 in New Zealand. Shooting for desert sequences took place in Namibia.

The film was originally planned to hit theaters in 2007. Warner had finally set its U.S. release date to March 7, 2008.

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