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Das Arche Noah Prinzip (The Noah's Ark Principle)

Das Arche Noah Prinzip  is Roland Emmerich's final film as a student at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München.

Roland wanted to make a kind of movie that in this way has never been produced in Germany before: A Science Fiction Thriller. While all his student colleagues wanted to make movies in a "Neuer Deutscher Film" way, highly inspired and driven by contemporary German film art, he always wanted to create fun movies, American popcorn movies that in the first place were to entertain people.

The film opened the 1984 Berlin International Film Festival. With a budget of about 1.2 million Deutsche Mark it was the most expensive student film ever made in Germany.

In order to help finance the film the "Filmgemeinschaft Arche Noah Prinzip" was created, which was later renamed to Centropolis Filmproduktion.

written by Stefan